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D: U: C: Mixed defaults
ambodybucklecoat snowboarder
amopenjacketrocker tfbodydresspoodleskirt
hmskatepark hmnightout
hmpartytime afresortshirtpants

This is Trapping's with Uranium Z's Riot Jacket conversion. Available as outerwear only.

Mostly the same as above, except two of these (The white and camo) have Trapping's conversion of Kayleigh's Bustelo jeans as the bottoms.

This mesh is a full-body mashup of Jessy's Rude Boy with Uranium Z's Grimy Leather. Available for young adults and adults in everyday and outerwear.
There's some custom versions of this with more colours on my Tumblr.

This is just my recolours of Keoni's Anubis Serene Breeze conversion, but on the teen mesh with Lola heels by Flower Misty. :)

Unhidden and I recategorised this to be with the rest of the H&M outfits instead of showing up with a custom star. This seemed appropriately sporty. It's enabled for athletic, maternity and everyday.
Originally by Yuxi, as are the next two outfits. I thought I'd stick with a theme. :)

Again, unhidden, recategorised to be with the rest of the H&M outfits. This looked enough like the original that I thought it appropriate. Available for everyday, maternity and formal. From here.

Unhidden, recategorised to be with the rest of the H&M outfits. Available for everyday, maternity and formal. From here.

Explanation: I love this outfit, and it reminds me of something someone would wear in The Mummy movies. So by 'resort' outfit, I'm abusing it to mean 'outfit to wear while exploring dusty far off lands and ruined temples'. Originally from here by TxPrincessshan.

Click the pics to download. :)

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Brilliant, I especially like the unhidden h&m outfits! :)

Awesome as always!! Thank you ^^

Your defaults are gorgeous as always! Finally I can get rid of that awful poodle skirt *yay*


The excellent-looking default you have made for amopenjacketrocker doesn't work for me - the jacket mesh and texture are missing, so the back and arms are invisible and the hands float around all disembodied (the chest-belly front is still visible, but it vanishes beyond the lapels). Is there a jacket mesh dependency? As in, do I need another mesh for this default to show up correctly? Thanks so much for any help you can give me - your defaults are *gorgeous* and this truly isn't a complaint in any way, I'm just really really keen to get these in my game :)

Re: amopenjacketrocker

Thank you very much. :)
I'm pretty sure it'll be a conflict and not the replacement itself as the mesh is included as part of the default. If you keep just that replacement in your downloads folder with nothing else and then load bodyshop, does it still show up wrong?

It's just usually when the floating head thing happens it's because you might already have something in your game that hides/unhides the outfits, or edits your clothing catalogue in some way.

Re: amopenjacketrocker

It must have been a conflict - I removed my whole download folder and just left your default replacement in there and when I went in-game and made a family, the amopenjacketrocker default showed up fine (sadly, when I moved everything back my game was broken and I had to do a full reinstall - not your fault, it was mine for being an idiot! haha). Not sure what the conflict was, as I spent the evening reinstalling. Thanks for your help on this one - I'll keep trying to get it working and let you know if I find the clashing-culprit.

Re: amopenjacketrocker

Oh dear! I hope it all doesn't take too long! Good luck reinstalling and such. :(

Re: amopenjacketrocker

I had similar problem - most of the outerwear replacements showed up incomplete(invisible feet, invisible body etc.) In my case the problem was fanseelamb's 'Maxis outerwear as outerwear' mod from Modthesims.

Am i the only one having trouble with the tmbodysnowboarder default? The white and camo are not working for me the textures are all messed up on the side of the jeans and feet show the other shoes :( i took all my downloads out and tried it on its own and the same thing.

No one else mentioned it, but when I looked, something did look a bit messed up in the file. Please try this and see if it works instead?

thank you but that didnt work either, same thing. i even took my sims 2 folder out so it generated a fresh one so i dont think its conflicting with anything i have?

I have the same problem too, I tried replacing it with the new one you posted and even downloaded the original file by Kayleigh, but it's still not working.

The original mesh was just the trousers anyway, the mesh I'm using was one I created by joining a top only and bottom only mesh to make a full body. Anyway! I think I was using the wrong mesh for those two colours. It should be fixed now! I just tried it in game with nothing else in the folder and it worked. Please try it? :)

It works perfectly now :D
Thank you for fixing it!

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