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D: M: H: hairlongbangs, hairlongbangs_ep7, hairlongsimple, hairlongsimple_clone
mhairlongbangs mhairlongbangsep7
mhairlongsimple_clone mhairlongsimple

Okay, I have to admit I didn't try out the Rose Gift hair in game before I chose it as a default, it was just sitting in my dwindling folder named "Default these maybe". When I checked it out I... actually don't like it much. BUT it's better than the original so there's that. Maybe I'll change it to something else later.

I was using this hair originally for hairlongsimple, but that default didn't replace all the versions of it or utilise the extra property sets the way I'd want to, so I used it to replace 'hairlongbangs_ep7' instead so I could pick other things for longsimple. :)

This is the adult sets enabled for both adult and young adults, and there is an elder version (in time bomb). Doesn't spawn on townies because it's a little unusual.

Then I replaced the YA version with an FTM conversion of Nightcrawler hair 08, (my first conversion attempt!) with these goooooorgeous retextures by Esotheria Sims. (The twists version.)
It just replaces the young adult subsets (but is enabled for both adults and young adults).
There's no elder of this hair as there's no elder in game to replace. Does that make sense?

This is the ep7 version. This was converted by Rented Space, but I made it just a liiiittle shorter. Again, doesn't spawn on townies. :)

Click pictures to download. :)

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there's no link for the amhairlongbangs rose gift 72

My apologies, there is now; thank you for letting me know!

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